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The forecast of powerful earthquake for Kamchatka.

The Analysis of the received geophysical data has revealed signs of preparation of strong earthquake in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone..

Earthquake in Pakistan: more than 150 victims, hundred wounded men.

Powerful earthquake in magnitude М6.4 has occurred on October, 29th in the west of Pakistan..

Damaging earthquake in Kirgyzstan: analysis, problems, conclusions

A damaging earthquake with a magnitude of approximately M6.6 occurred on 6 October 2008 after midnight in Kyrgyzstan.

The forecast of strong earthquake for Sakhalin has not justified. / September 17, 2008 /

The Forecast has not proved to be true, but nearby on an island of Hokkaido there was a strong earthquake to magnitude М6.9..

Prolongation of the forecast of earthquake on Sakhalin.. / September 5, 2008 /

The earthquake Forecast for Sakhalin is prolonged till September, 14th, 2008.

Threat of strong earthquake on Sakhalin remains. / August 18, 2008 /

The earthquake Forecast for Sakhalin is prolonged till September, 1st, 2008..

About the seismic forecast and conditions on Sakhalin.. / August 11, 2008 /

In the Center concerned citizens of Sakhalin with the request call to specify a place and earthquake date..

The earthquake forecast for Sakhalin.

Land-space monitoring of the Kurilo-Kamchatka seismo-tectonic zone has allowed to find out signs of preparation of strong earthquake on Sakhalin..

Earthquake continues jolting Japan

Earthquake with magnitude М6.8 on July, 23rd has occurred in the northeast of the Honshu island..

Strong offshore earthquake hits eastern Japan

Earthquake of magnitude М7.0 on July has occurred 19th in the east of Japan..

Prediction of earthquake in Kamchatka was borne out

Powerful earthquake has occurred to magnitude М7.7 at the western coast of Kamchatka on depth more than 600 km..

Seismic accident in China. The first results of the analysis.

There is new data about earthquake harbingers in China..

Cloudy and lithosphere earthquake signs in Greece on June, 8th 2008г.

The analysis of signs of preparation of earthquake in Greece has revealed a number of the interesting facts and appendices..

About earthquake in Greece on June, 8th 2008г.

Strong earthquake and destructions has occurred to victims on June, 8th in the west of Greece (Peloponnese)..

Прогноз землетрясения на Камчатке

Анализ гелио-геофизических данных за первую неделю июня позволяет сделать вывод о возможности до конца июня сильного ЗМТ на Камчатке..

Сейсмическая катастрофа в Китае

Число погибших от катастрофического землетрясения в Китае может достигнуть 100 тыс..

Дальневосточный эксперимент: первые итоги. / May 6, 2008 /

Продолжаются успешные испытания наземно-космической системы сейсмического мониторинга.

Камчатский эксперимент: первый этап завершен

Специалисты и эксперты НЦ ОМЗ и инновационного фонда ПЭТ (подземные электрические технологии) г. Петропавловск-Камчатский проводят совместный эксперимент по мониторингу сейсмопризнаков и прогнозу землетрясений.

Сахалинский эксперимент продолжается

Испытания космической системы сейсмического мониторинга в 2007 г. совпали с периодом подготовки и запуска сильного ЗМТ на Сахалине 2 августа 2007 г.

О сейсмопрогнозе по Ирану и мощном землетрясении на западе Китая

Прогноз мощного ЗМТ в Иране пролонгирован до 10 апреля 2008 г..

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