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On Powerful EQ Signs in Japan. / December 20, 2012 /

A powerful earthquake (EQ) measured M7.3 occurred on 7 December 2012 off the East Coast of Honshu. The event was registered nearly the catastrophic EQ, March 11, 2011 epicenter.

The EQ pending signs were registered by the NTs OMZ specialists on 27-30 November. These signs appeared in the form of abnormal values of gravimetrical, deformation, proton, georotational, and other measurements undertaken at the seismo-prognostic monitoring stations of the experimental site. The analysis of the geophysical signs anomalies allowed the proper seismic prediction to be made which has been registered at in the Russian Seismic Council (REC) on 3 December 2012 (Annex 1). The basic predictive parameters of probable seismic event are presented in the composites of Basic Product 3 (BP3). The dates of probable event were calculated by the seismomagnetic meridian (SMM) on 7 or 14 December ± 2 days. The real EQ took place on 7 December 2012. The potential magnitude was predicted by the cloudy seismic indicators CSI(B) using the following formula: М(В) = ln 1300 = 7.2 ± 0.2, where 1300km is the CSI(B) length measured by the Japanese MTSAT-2 satellite image. A potential seismo-dangerous region R = 770km was determined by the point SMM intersection with the section of Philippines Plate boundary. The EQ occurred in the region of prediction. As confirmed on the USGS website, they report a magnitude 7.3 EQ of the Pacific coast of Japan on December 7 th-four days after their warning, and matchingtheir forecastThis was the fifth EQ realized within the framework of instrument support of the Dr. A. Lyubushin long-term prediction. Over the period July 2011 — December 2012 all predictions of strong EQs in the Japanese Region with М6.7/6.9/6.8/6.9/7.3 registered in REC have realized with no event missing.

The seismo-prognostic and monitoring experiment in the Kamchatka and Japan test regions will be continued for warning catastrophic EQs expected in the mentioned regions before 2014 in accordance with predictions by Dr. A. Lyubushin, Academician S.A. Fedotov, Dr.P.Shebalin et al.


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