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The threat of a possible earthquake in Japan was confirmed

In accordance with our warning about the possible seismic events (Appendix 1) March 14, 2012 in Japan was a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9. The epicenter was located in the coastal area from north-east to Honshu. No injuries or damage. This is the 2nd alarm impending earthquake.

Geophysical setting of a number of features reminiscent of the March 2011 before the megaEQ Tohoku. Then, one day before the earthquake, an event with the M7, 2.

Note the message on 12.03.2012 10 slide «presentation» was devoted to being prepared for the event. It also cited a possible zone of earthquakes and the potential magnitude of 6.5 and 6,7 0,2. For two seismomagnetic meridians was calculated probable date 12.3 2 day. The actual event occurred with a magnitude of 6.9 3/14/2012 and fell into the settlement area. Cloud seismotectonic indicator made ​​it possible to determine the potential magnitude is shown in Appendix 2 composite.

Appendix 1 (pdf, 1,1 Mb)

Appendix 2 (pdf, 0,7 Mb)

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