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A powerful earthquake in Mexico

Earthquake with magnitude 7.4 occurred on 20 March in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Fortunately, no casualties, but partially or completely destroyed over 2,000 buildings. As the seismologists, it was the most powerful earthquake, after the catastrophic earthquake in 1985. Geophysics in 1997 expecting such an event, observing a significant shift in the GPS.

Experts NTS OMZ conducted operational analysis of the event. March 19 by the images of clouds from the satellite GOES-11 were detected cloud seismotectonic indicators (CSI) angulate form (Appendix 1). By the length of the CSI (A) 1925 km has been calculated magnitude: M (A) ~ ln1925 ~ 7,5 0,2.

The actual magnitude was 7.4. Note the lifetime of the OS (A) more than 7 hours may indicate a strong seismic event preparation.

Potential dates of earthquakes on March 20-21 2 days. can be calculated from the geomagnetic disturbances on February 28, March 6 and 7. Relevant seismomagnetic meridians run shown on the composite. Note to seismomagnetic meridians run from the Central American and California seismic zone associated Iranian zone. This connection was confirmed by a number of earthquakes reported on our website.

Appendix 1 (pdf, 0,5 Mb)

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