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Flooding in Australia. / February 4, 2011 /

In December 2010, Australia experienced the strongest over the past half-century floods triggered by tropical downpours. The rains were the result of the climatic phenomenon La Niña — a seasonal phase of a broader phenomenon of El Niño. In addition, the south region has been flooded due to a stronger than usual tide. As a result of the disaster had destroyed thousands of homes and roads and railways. Submerged and fully submerged were more than 1700 houses, inhabited by about 4300 people. Because of the natural disaster in one way or another affected more than 200 thousand people, the death toll is more than 30 people. According to the authorities of the country, flood damage has exceeded $ 20 billion.

Satellite data received from the Russian spacecraft Meteor-M »№ 1, allow to track the development of state of disaster.

Surveying Instruments KMSS "Meteor-M» № 1, 01/21/2011

Surveying Instruments KMSS "Meteor-M» № 1, 26/01/2011

Surveying Instruments KMSS "Meteor-M» № 1, 01/31/2011

Surveying Instruments KMSS "Meteor-M» № 1, 01/31/2011

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