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Monitoring of fires in Western Siberia in May-June, 2004 according to MODIS from satellite TERRA.. / June 10, 2004 /

In connection with the hot weather established in May, 2004 in Siberia conditions with forest fires have sharply become aggravated.

The most serious conditions have developed in the south of Western Siberia — in Altay territory, Omsk and Novosibirsk areas where the temperature kept at level +25°С. In total from the beginning of the fire-dangerous period it is fixed more than 500 forest fires on the area about 7,5 thousand in hectare.

Color images: the resolution of 250 m, synthesis of channels 1, 4 and 3.

Click image to get a fullscreen; The image of the full resolution (250) opens by pressing «date».
The first fires have been noticed on May, 10th in the Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Tyumen areas. On the image in a visible range (295 K) thin loops of a smoke are appreciable. On the image in average ИК the channel — 3,75 microns (155 K) the numerous centres of a heat in the form of stains of light tone. By May, 14th the wind has changed a direction, the quantity and the sizes of loops have increased.

Пожары, мониторинг пожаров
on May, 14th, 2004 (994 K) By May, 15-16th intensity of fires in the Kurgan region has sharply increased. Under messages of cable agencies, by May, 15th in the Kurgan region has burnt out 4 thousand hectares of wood; on May, 18th has burnt down 400 houses, 8 persons were lost. Dynamics of fires in the Kurgan region is presented in to a subheading «Barrow» .
Пожары, мониторинг пожаров
on May, 16th, 2004 (1,33 M)

on May, 18-20th the area captured by fires, was maximum for all period of supervision. Fires in the Omsk region have considerably amplified, there were numerous centres in the Novosibirsk region. On May, 20th, under NTV messages, in the Omsk region has burnt down 2 villages. Dynamics of fires in this area is presented in to a subheading «Omsk» .

Пожары, мониторинг пожаров
on May, 18th, 2004 (1,57 M)

By May, 25th the situation has changed: quantity and intensity of fires in Kurgan, Omsk and Tyumen areas has decreased, however new seats of fire have appeared in the Tomsk region and Khanty-Mansiysk of joint-stock company. The area of fires was displaced to the north after border of thawing of snow which owing to unknown heat has promptly come nearer to пойме Ob. On images on the average ИК a range (3,75 mm) and on May, 16th (519 K) , and on May, 25th (507 K) attracts attention that the centres high distemper

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