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DAMOCLES. / April 23, 2009 /

DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies) is an integrated ice-atmosphere-ocean monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing, understanding and quantifying climate changes in the Arctic. DAMOCLES is specifically concerned with the potential for a significantly reduced sea ice cover, and the impacts this might have on the environment and on human activities, both regionally and globally.

FSUE RISDE has made an overview report on Russian satellite data of Arctic sea ice, with focus on high-resolution optical and IR images covering the Barents and Kara Sea region (Deliverable D1.2-06). The images are mainly obtained from the satellite series RESURS, METEOR and MONITOR over the last decade. The images are available for use in further studies of sea ice in WP1. FSUE RISDE also provides archives of AVHRR and MODIS data for the European and Russian sector of the Arctic. The IR channels of these images are useful for estimating ice surface, sea surface temperature, heat flux from ocean to atmosphere and for estimation of thin ice thickness.

During the Project NTS ОМЗ should gathering materials of shootings, including archival, in an optical and infra-red range with Russian («Resource-dk», «Meteor Th» №1, «Monitor-e», «Ocean», etc.) and foreign (NOAA/AVHRR and Terra/MODIS) the satelites covering areas of field works, and also area of drift of a vessel Container, for the purpose of addition of the given natural measurements, валидации algorithms of definition of a thickness of ice and definition of various parametres of an ice cover (distribution of types of ice, ice temperature etc.). should be executed.

The digital base of gathering data should be prepared to the end of 2009 and remote access of all interested participants of the Project is provided to it.

Now on a portal of NTS ОМЗ the preliminary variant of a database in English which interface has the basic tools for reception of the catalogue and archival information in an online-mode is placed. The database structure includes materials of shooting 1992-2008 received and processed to standard level L1B in NTS ОМЗ, and also additional help information. Products containing in a database are structured on space vehicles and dates. All products have a universal GIS-FORMAT (GeoTIFF, LAN, etc.)

Also are placed in separate RAR-archives. Now the total amount of archives makes about 12 Gb. For representation reception about a geographical position and appearance of images in the catalogue there are schemes of a covering shooting under instrument projects and the compressed forms (quick-looks) for each image. Further, in process of receipt of the new data (in particular, data КМСС and БРЛК with Russian КА «Meteor Th» №1), the database will replenish.

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