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On the current geophysical conditions

Our forecast for the Mediterranean seismotectonic zone increases by several factors..

An earthquake in Southern California.

The second decade of June was awarded a series of strong earthquakes..

Abut the geophysical conditions in Greece

Seismotectonic situation in Greece remains tense. From June 10 there is quite a few signs of geophysical anomalies.

Are Frogs saving Greece?

Hundreds of frogs, 26 May 2010 paralyzed road traffic on one of the highways near the city of Thessaloniki..

There is the possibility of earthquakes in the Far East.

Satellite monitoring of the Far Eastern zone of Russia has revealed a number of signs earthquake preparation..

Analysis of earthquake signs in Sumatra.

A storng earthquake in Sumatra at May 9, 2010 was one of a series of seismic events projected group of Russian experts ..

A powerfull earthquake in Sumatra.

Fears of a joint group of experts NTs OMZ, Center «Prognoz» of Tula State University and the School CosmoMeteoTectonic from April 28, 2010 about the possibility of strong earthquakes justified..

Is there the threat of a powerful earthquake again ?

Data and analysis of our colleagues from the Tula Centre «Prognoz», Tula State University, talk about preparing a powerful earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Taiwanese experiment: the another forecast came true

From October 2009 to the present group of Russian researchers conducted seysmic forecast and monitoring experiment in Taiwan..

About the situation in the Taiwan-Philippine region.

The geophysical situation in the zone of possible strong earthquake tense..

Taiwan: another anxious expectation.

Russia’s experts on the results of ground-space monitoring showed signs of preparing a strong earthquake in Taiwan.

Taiwan experiment: some results

An important result of the experiment — three alleged hit seismic events in the predicted area of 7 degrees..

The past seismic week.

Devastating earthquake in Turkey and Chile marked the past week..

Partners. / March 10, 2010 /


About the seismic disaster in Chile, Earth’s axis wich go on a spree and future disasters.

Catastrophic earthquake with numerous victims and destruction occurred on Feb. 27, 2010 in Chile. A day earlier, shook the western border of the Pacific seismic belt of strong seismic event in Okinawa. Was the prediction of the Chilean earthquake, were observed for signs?.

About the situation on the Taiwan and the implementation of the forecast.

The forecast for Taiwan wich has developed by a group of Russian experts still working..

Taiwan forecast: near the line.

The geophysical situation in the Taiwan-Okinawa area remains very worrying..

Realization seismic forecast for Taiwan.

Developed by a group of Russian experts forecast starts practiced.

Taiwan experiment of seismic forecast continues

Russia’s researchers have found signs of preparation of a strong earthquake in Taiwan.

Analysis of attributes of the preparation of earthquake disaster in Haiti.

Developed by a group of Russian researchers forecast of earthquake diaster in Central America was justified..

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