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Seismic disaster in Haiti

January 12, 2010 earthquake catastrophe occurred in Haiti, with a magnitude of 7.0..

Seysmomonitoring and forecasting: annual results and prospects.

The passing 2009 year was interesting and rich in seismic events for sector professionals seismic monitoring and forecasting of intense..

Atmospheric trace of Kyrgyz explosion

December 22, 2009 in Kyrgyzstan on the construction of the dam was made powerful chemical explosion. Used 2.8 tons of explosives. Power explosion was 2.5 kilotons of TNT equivalent..

Implementation of seismological forecast on Taiwan.

Declared 3rd of Novembera strong earthquake forecast in Taiwan was realised..

About the possibility of a powerful earthquake in the Taiwan-Philippine region.

A number of signs, wich has got by processing spacegeophysical data showed preparation for a strong Earthquake in Taiwan or the Philippines..

The cyclone under the UK

«Meteor-M» № 1 photographed a cyclone under the UK..

Japan under the threat of qake again.

On spaceimages of Japan, NC OMZ specialists has detected the cloudy signes of earthquake..

Sumatra continued to shake.

According to our forecast of 16 August has taken place a powerful earthquake in Sumatra..

Japan completely shocked.

A lot of eartqukes at the first half of August in Japan: four powerful earthquakes. A conclusion on the west coast of Japan hit by typhoon «Etau», victims were 18 people. For security purposes, after the August 10 earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 were stopped two blocks of NPP «Hamaoka» 160 km from Tokyo. The number of victims more than 110 people..

Andaman islands, magnitude 7.6 — the repetition of the scenario in December 2004 in Sumatra

Preparation of this powerful earthquake specialists tracked over a half months..

A powerful earthquake in the Gulf of California: trouble in Mexico and the United States

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred on Aug. 3, 2009 in the Gulf of California. Shocks were felt not only in coastal Mexico, but also in U.S. cities, away from the coast (San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles). The victims, destruction and there was no tsunami..

A powerful earthquake in New Zealand.


About the implementation of seismic prediction in Central America .


Threat of Damaging Earthquake in Central America

The signs of strong earthquake in Central America.

The forecast of strong earthquakes on the island of Hokkaido confirmed

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of M6.3 occurred on 5 June in the South of Hokkaido island..

The response of the North Korean explosion in the clouds


The forecast earthquakes in Kamchatka and Japan.. / May 21, 2009 /



DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies) is an integrated ice-atmosphere-ocean monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing, understanding and quantifying climate changes in the Arctic. DAMOCLES is specifically concerned with the potential for a significantly reduced sea ice cover, and the impacts this might have on the environment and on human activities, both regionally and globally..

Space monitoring of forest fires

Summer fires on the Australian continent occur regularly. Materials of space shooting with КА «Resurs-Dk1» have allowed to localise the centres of ignition and ashes of one of the largest in the history of Victoria’s staff of the fire which has begun on February, 7th, 2009..

To earthquake in Italy.

Powerful earthquake and destructions has occurred to victims on April, 6th, 2009 in the central part of Italy..

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