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The earthquake forecast for Kamchatka.

The analysis of the geophysical data for last week has shown possibility of strong earthquake on Kamchatka till February, 1st, 2009..

Space monitoring of crisis areas of the mining industry.

Use of the data «Resource-dk» for the decision of problems of monitoring of dangerous objects of the mining industry on an example of supervision over a failure of potash mine to Berezniki the Perm edge..

Powerful earthquake on Kuriles.

On January, 15th 2009 near to Simushir island there was a powerful earthquake to magnitude of M 7.3. Tremors 2-4 points were felt as force in all Smoked-Kamchatka zone. Victims and destructions are not present..

Eruption of a Shiveluch volcano.

On December, 19-20th the volcano of Shiveluch on Kamchatka sharply became more active. I.

The earthquake forecast for Kamchatka.

The Analysis of the received geophysical data has allowed to reveal signs of preparation of earthquake in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone..

Supervision of area of wreck of a cargo train in the Omsk region according to data from «Resurs-Dk1» satellite

«Resurs-Dk1» satellite data allow to trace operatively a situation at occurrence of emergency situations and to observe of change of a condition of objects, подвергшихся to destruction..

Space monitoring of a condition of water objects

Use of RSD and carrying out of operative monitoring of environment is most an effective remedy for the decision of The tasks relevant to resource management and analysis are best addressed by using of remote sensing data and operative environmental monitoring..

The Kamchatka forecast has justified.

The earthquake has occurred according to our forecast declared in Seismocouncil of Russia on November, 12th, 2008..

The forecast of powerful earthquake for Kamchatka.

The Analysis of the received geophysical data has revealed signs of preparation of strong earthquake in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone..

Earthquake in Pakistan: more than 150 victims, hundred wounded men.

Powerful earthquake in magnitude М6.4 has occurred on October, 29th in the west of Pakistan..

Damaging earthquake in Kirgyzstan: analysis, problems, conclusions

A damaging earthquake with a magnitude of approximately M6.6 occurred on 6 October 2008 after midnight in Kyrgyzstan.

The forecast of strong earthquake for Sakhalin has not justified. / September 17, 2008 /

The Forecast has not proved to be true, but nearby on an island of Hokkaido there was a strong earthquake to magnitude М6.9..

Prolongation of the forecast of earthquake on Sakhalin.. / September 5, 2008 /

The earthquake Forecast for Sakhalin is prolonged till September, 14th, 2008.

Threat of strong earthquake on Sakhalin remains. / August 18, 2008 /

The earthquake Forecast for Sakhalin is prolonged till September, 1st, 2008..

About the seismic forecast and conditions on Sakhalin.. / August 11, 2008 /

In the Center concerned citizens of Sakhalin with the request call to specify a place and earthquake date..

The earthquake forecast for Sakhalin.

Land-space monitoring of the Kurilo-Kamchatka seismo-tectonic zone has allowed to find out signs of preparation of strong earthquake on Sakhalin..

Earthquake continues jolting Japan

Earthquake with magnitude М6.8 on July, 23rd has occurred in the northeast of the Honshu island..

Strong offshore earthquake hits eastern Japan

Earthquake of magnitude М7.0 on July has occurred 19th in the east of Japan..

Prediction of earthquake in Kamchatka was borne out

Powerful earthquake has occurred to magnitude М7.7 at the western coast of Kamchatka on depth more than 600 km..

Seismic accident in China. The first results of the analysis.

There is new data about earthquake harbingers in China..

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