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In NC OMZ has taken place a lecture about the purpose, composition and main characteristics of the spacecraft Meteor-M.

In August, should take place the launch of the first in the Russian history spacecraft of hydrometeorological purpose.

The new space complex hydrometeorological service «Meteor-3M» with spacecraft «Meteor-M» 1 and 2 is intended to prompt a global hydro-meteorological, oceanographic and heliogeophysical information for weather forecasting, monitoring the ozone layer and the radiation environment in near-Earth space environment monitoring and monitoring of the sea surface, including ice conditions to ensure that navigation in the polar regions.

Targeted use of QC «Meteor-3M» offers a wide range of socio-economic development of Russia, international cooperation, business and management in the following areas:
— Analysis and forecasts on a regional and global scales;
— Analysis and forecast of the state of the water area of the seas and oceans;
— Analysis and forecast conditions for aviation;
— Analysis and prognosis heliogeophysical environment in near-Earth space (ECV), the state of the ionosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field;
— Monitoring of climate and global change;
— Control of emergencies;
— Environmental control environment, etc

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