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Soyuz TMA-17 has landed in Kazakhstan.

Capsule of the Soyuz TMA-17 with three astronauts from the 23rd expedition to the ISS on Wednesday morning, June 2, landed in Kazakhstan. As the press service of the Mission Control Centre (MCC), the landing occurred at 7:24 Moscow time near the city of Dzhezkazgan.

The operation was in normal mode. Astronaut — Russian Oleg Kotov, the Japanese congress Noguchi and American Timothy Creamer — feel good. It is noted that after returning to earth Kotov, a former commander of the ISS, its powers passed to Alexander Skvortsov.

As Interfax reports with reference to the representative of PMU, usually astronauts, returning from the ISS, sit to the north-east of the town of Arkalyk. The decision to change the usual place of landing was made at the request of the Kazakh authorities, who feared for the safety of the area sown in Arkalyk fields.

According to the MCC, it happens that because of the engines of spaceships case of fire.

Kotov, Noguchi and Creamer launched to the ISS in December 2009. During his time at the station, the crew met the three shuttle and two cargo spacecraft Progress M ", and also carried redocking Soyuz TMA-17.

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