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On Baikonur a meeting of the tehrukovodstva the results of tests ILV "Proton-M" spacecraft with "Viasat-1" at the launch complex

This morning a meeting of the technical guidance of the number of businesses Space Agency and the foreign customer, which summarized the test of space rocket systems and simulation of its filling.

The meeting to review preparations for the launch complex direct ILV «Proton-M» spacecraft with «Viasat-1» observations have been identified, technical management decided to continue the work.

October 19 the State Board will hear reports from all organizations — participants of the campaign launch and decide on the readiness of ILV to the launch, as well as to confirm the start time.

Start ILV «Proton-M» spacecraft with «Viasat-1» is scheduled for October 19 at 22:48 GMT.

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

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