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Work on the preparation for the launch of spacecraft "Glonass" Baikonur going according to plan

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome to continue to prepare for the launch of space rocket «Proton-M» with the upper stage «Briz-M» a cluster of three Russian navigation satellites «Glonass-M».

In the assembly and test building site 92A-50 rocket carried autonomous tests of the spacecraft «Glonass-M».

In the same mounting body rebuilds the cable network of the first stage launch vehicle and the docking of the electrical connections. Docking is planned for the second and third stages of the launch.

At the filling station site 91 rocket specialists Russian space industry operates refueling propellants storage units xenon included in the propulsion of spacecraft «Glonass-M».

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and KC «Southern»

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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