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Endeavour completed the last flight

June 1 at 10:38 Moscow time on the shuttle Endeavour landed in Florida, according to the official blog of the flight at NASA. On board were six shuttle astronauts.

Shuttle went into the flight on May 16, and two days already docked to the International Space Station. Endeavour delivered into orbit several instruments, including the detector AMS-02 mission is to explore antimatter and dark matter. In addition, the shuttle brought to the station of living beings, including resistance to radiation tardigrades.

For the U.S. space shuttle passed the mission, designated STS-serial number 134, became the 25 th and final in a «career.» Now, Endeavour will be sent to one of American museums. In what was not reported. It is noteworthy that the shuttle was originally planned to sell to museums at prices ranging from 400 to 800 thousand dollars apiece, but there were no volunteers, so NASA has announced that he would give decommissioned shuttle free of charge provided samovyvoza from Cape Canaveral.

Flight of Endeavour’s flight was the penultimate American shuttles as a whole. The final launch is scheduled for June 28, 2011 — then go into orbit «Atlantis.» After that, NASA will be left without means of transportation of passengers and cargo into orbit, and the Federal Space Agency will be the only carrier in the world, able to take people to the ISS. Delivery will carry the Union.

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