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Progress had to be docked to the ISS in manual mode.

As a result of loss of convergence «Course» ship «Progress M-05M» had to be docked to the International Space Station (ISS) in the manual mode, transmits a Saturday news agency Interfax, citing the press service near Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

The system approach is out of service for about a kilometer to the station. Docking spent ISS commander Oleg Kotov, she went at the appointed time — 22:35 May 1, Moscow time. Transient hatches between the station and «progress» will open at 01:35 on May 2.

At the MCC has not yet been able to explain the reasons for the failure, the circumstances of the incident are established.

The space vehicle delivered to astronauts on the ISS books, DVDs, parcels from their families and gifts from the psychological support group, in which, in particular, were sweets, chocolate and caramel, like the agency.

All aboard the ISS delivered 2,588 kg of various cargoes, including 325 kilograms of food, 155 pounds of clothes, hygiene products and medical equipment, 870 kilograms of fuel tanks for refueling stations, 50 kilograms of oxygen, 100 kg of drinking water, 420 kilograms of equipment for the U.S. segment of the ISS, 19 kilograms of equipment for the Russian scientific experiments, as well as fire extinguishers and gas masks.

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