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Arabic satellite has launched from Baikonur.

From the Baikonur cosmodrome early morning of Friday, June 4, launched a Russian rocket Proton-M with Arabsat 5B (Badr-5) satellite , owned by Saudi Arabia.

At the estimated time, about 10 minutes after launch, the agency said representatives of the State Space Scientific Production Center (Khrunichev) them. And Development Institute, has been separated third-stage booster. A further injection into the target orbit, scheduled for 11:13 Moscow time on Friday, will be carried out using booster Breeze-M ".

Arabsat 5B (Badr-5) — Broadcasting spacecraft Arab satellite company Arabsat. The new satellite will serve the territory of the Middle East and North Africa. The design life Arabsat 5B (Badr-5) 15.

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