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The new Russia's module of the ISS has shown to journalists

MIM-1 (Small Research Module-1), or «Rassvet» will be delivered to orbit by U.S. space shuttle Atlantis May 14, 2010. It`s the only Russia module , which will ensure the delivery by the Americanse. As President of RSC Energia Vitaly Lopota, the module will be launched into orbit is not free. «This obligation NASA, for its withdrawal to pay the Americans» — he said. Words Lopota leads portal Infox.ru.

In the near future module will be sent to the United States, where for several months will be prelaunch at the launch site at Cape Canaveral. Module packaging engineers began on Monday.

At the «Dawn» will be five jobs. Four of them will be stationary, and one — universal. Fifth place is designed to accommodate various scientific instruments. In addition, MIM-1 will be equipped with a docking port. Development of the module has started ten years ago, but was suspended due to funding difficulties.

Most recently was placed in orbit another module Russia. MIM-2, or «Search», docked to the ISS on Nov. 12, 2009. It was constructed on the basis of the docking module «Pirs», but thanks to advanced functionality MIM-2 can be used for scientific experiments.

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