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NASA successfully tested a rescue system for the Orion spaceship .

Employees of NASA conducted a successful test of the system of salvation, being developed for spacecraft Orion. More information about the tests reported in the press release of the American space agency. Here you can see made during the test photos.

The new system is designed to rescue the crew in case of problems when you start the ship. Her trial, which took place at White Sands proving ground, from its inception to landing a manned capsule model took 135 seconds. Engineers were able to verify the work of three engines. First — rescue — the engine is required to eject the capsule from the booster. This capsule is accelerated to a speed of 716 kilometers per hour (199 meters per second), and the maximum speed may be 867 kilometers per hour (241 meters per second).

Simultaneously with the rescue engine includes the engine, controlling the position and the trajectory of the capsule, which «throws» to the height of almost 2 kilometers. The third engine is designed for rolling back the system of salvation from the capsule with the crew.

Rescue System «Orion» can be installed on other spacecraft — in February 2010, NASA stopped work on the program «Constellation», part of which was «Orion». Under the new policy proposed by the White House, the new American spacecraft that can take people into Earth orbit, will be developed by private companies with the support of the American space agency.

The Russian spacecraft has its own rescue system — SAS (system of emergency rescue). September 26, 1983 by SAS survived the Soviet cosmonauts Vladimir Titov and Gennady

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