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State Board Approves Proton Roll-Out

On Nov. 10, the State Board held a meeting at Baikonur to review the results of the Proton-M / MSV 1 spacecraft (also known as Sky Terra 1) prelaunch processing and to give their «go» to start prelaunch activities at the launch pad.
The State Board approved roll-out operation for the launch vehicle. The operation is to take place on Nov. 11. The transportation from the filling station to site 200 (launch pad) will begin at 3.30 a.m. Moscow time.
The «Launch Day 1» (L-2) operations will commence after LV erection at the launch pad.
The MSV 1/ Proton M mission was contracted by International Launch Services Inc. (ILS), Reston, VA. Launch of MSV 1 is scheduled for Nov. 14, at 8.29 p.m. MSK.

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