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Iran is going to be put into orbit six satellites.

The Iranian authorities as part of its space program are going to run into space from five to six satellites. The first launch is planned for 2011. It is reported by FARS news agency referring to the statement of the Minister of Telecommunication of Iran Reza Takipura (Reza Taqipour).

The minister said that Iran also plans to build additional launch sites for launching rockets. At this point, as described Takipur, Iran has only one starting place.

Iran launched its first satellite in February 2009. It was called «Omid» and burned in the air after more than a month of work. As stated then the representatives of the Iranian authorities, the mission of the spacecraft successfully. «Omid» was the first satellite, independently developed by Iranian scientists and placed in orbit by the launcher. Also fully established in Iran. Formally, the first satellite of Iran’s apparatus was Sinah-1, created and launched in collaboration with Roscosmos.

In addition, in February 2010 under the Iranian space program to orbit was taken biokapsula with rat, worms, and two turtles. The aim of the launch, reportedly was to study the behavior of living organisms in space conditions.

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