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China reiterated its intention to implement the lunar program.

The specialist confirmed that the second half of 2010, China plans to launch second lunar orbiter «Chang’e-2». It was originally created as a replacement probe «Chang’e 1», but later was modified and now, according to Peytszyanya, it belongs to the next generation of spacecraft.

Following the «Chang’e-2» on the moon in 2013 will start the descent module "Chang’e-3, which is to explore the geological features of Earth’s satellite. In 2017 Podnebesnya expects to send to the moon manned spacecraft.

China’s first orbiting lunar probe was launched on Oct. 24, 2007, and after 16 months of stay in space crashed into the surface of the satellite. According to Chinese scientists, the apparatus was a topographical map of the Moon, and also examined the distribution of certain chemical elements.

The U.S. refused on the impact development of the Moon in February 2010. New Deal for NASA includes work on short-term space missions, as well as close cooperation with private space companies, which, inter alia, to create for the American space agency new manned and unmanned vehicles.

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