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NASA offered to send to the Titan space ship

An international team of scientists, some of whom participated in the project «Huygens»,suggested NASA to send to the Saturnian moon Titan automatic device for the study of methane reservoirs. That was reported by BBC News. Proposal submitted to the U.S. space agency and the decision on it is expected in the near future.

According to researchers, they can create such a device in a relatively low cost — about $ 400 million. The launch could take place in January 2016 — the configuration of the planets will be suitable for that yet unnamed unit gained enough kinetic energy to reach Titan in June 2023.

Scientists expect that such a «boat» will allow scientists to collect data on the composition of methane lakes, as well as the cycle of methane on the Saturnian satellite. As the best candidates for the study, the researchers offer a methane lake Ligeia Mare, and Kraken Mare, each of which is about 500 kilometers in length.

Currently, NASA is not planning any mission to Saturn. Moreover, it was announced that the main priority in the solar system will study Jupiter.

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