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Preparations for the launch of Sirius FM-5 goes according to plan

At Baikonur continue intensive work on preparing for the launch of «Proton-M» with booster «Briz-M» and American spacecraft «Sirius FM-5».
Yesterday, in the integration and test building site 92A-50 were successfully completed testing of pneumatic units and communications carrier rocket Proton-M ".
Today, the launch vehicle performed the operation after the final air testing and assembly of the scheme is to conduct electrical tests.
At the upper stages "Briz-M spacecraft and Sirius FM-5, continuing self-testing.
At the filling station site 31 space began work on the preparation of equipment for the upcoming refueling fuel components and compressed gases booster block "Breeze-M.
Start-purpose space rocket Proton-M booster module with Briz-M "and the companion to Sirius FM5 site 200 Baikonur is scheduled for late June — early July 2009

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