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"The Union of EGC": campaign launch on schedule

October 11 launch complex «Soyuz» at the Guiana Space Centre settlements of enterprises and organizations of the Russian Space Agency have continued as planned launch campaign for the first carrier rocket «Soyuz-ST» from the Guiana Space Center.

Russian specialists are testing a mobile tower crane maintenance (IBO) before the arrival of the space head part, fueling equipment blowdown and communications. Together with representatives of the French side, the inspection is conducted by the IBO explosiveness, organized training activities starting with the calculation of an emergency evacuation. At the launch facility fire suppression system testing zero. On tests of fire attended by representatives of the Paris Fire Brigade, who are responsible for fire safety in the complex start-up.

In the assembly and testing facility are concluding transactions with a third stage carrier rocket «Soyuz-ST», which launched from the Guiana Space Center is scheduled for October 20.

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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