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"Union" in GKC ': starting campaign began

At the launch complex «Union» at the Guiana Space Centre (French Guiana) began work on the preparation for the launch of the launch vehicle «Soyuz-ST» with the spacecraft «Galileo M1».

Currently in the assembly and testing facility conducted by specialists of enterprises of Roskosmos electrical and pnevmovakuumnye test with the upper stage «Fregat».

The launch vehicle «Soyuz-ST» with the spacecraft «Galileo M1» is scheduled for October 20 this year.

The three-stage rocket «Soyuz-ST» is a modification of missiles such as the «Soyuz», developed in «TsSKB-Progress» under the «Union of EGC.» At present there are four EGC «Soyuz-ST», which brought from Russian to French Guiana in 2009 and 2011.

In spring 2011, successfully performed ground-based launch complex skills «Union» with the conduct of the «dry removal» and the ceremony of transfer of «keys» to run complex «Soyuz» responsible operator — JSC «Arianespace.»

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

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