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Monitoring of fires in Moscow suburbs in October, 2005 according to MODIS & TERRA.

Atypically dry and warm weather in the autumn of 2005 promoted late occurrence of fires in peat bogs and peatery in Moscow Region and east adjacent regions. Tested last year in territory of Western Siberia the technique of revealing of fires according to temperature channels MODIS ( «Terra») has allowed to define localisation of seats of fire, having confirmed messages of various news agencies.

Colour images: the resolution of 250 m, synthesis of channels 1, 4 and 3.

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The Most powerful and extensive ignitions have been noted in the beginning of October.

Fires Moscow suburbs on October, 1st, 2005 (430 K)

on October, 1st, 2005.

So, on October, 1st the ignition centres are fixed in adjoining on Shatursky area of Moscow Region Gusevsky area of Vladimir region on peatery in item vicinities Mezinovsky; and also jugo-to the east Orekhovo-Zuyevo Moscow Region. The wind of east direction dominating in these days promoted development of fires in Moscow Region, bringing them from adjacent regions.

Fires Moscow suburbs on October, 2nd, 2005 (502 K)

on October, 2nd, 2005 During the period from October, 2 till October, 13th had development fires in Gusevsky area of Vladimir region, Has rescued-Klepikovskom area of the Ryazan region; Orehovo-Zuevsky and Luhovitsky areas of Moscow Region, less extensive and powerful, most likely, «brought» fires have been liquidated in 4 more areas of area (Noginsk, Pavlovo-Posadsky, Egoryevsk and Klinsky). According to news agencies, the most difficult conditions developed in Orehovo-Zuevsky area where the ignition total area increased from 0,5 to 10 hectares.
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Fires Moscow suburbs on October, 9th, 2005 (509 K)

on October, 9th, 2005 Peak quantity of the centres of ignition was necessary for October, 7th when in 6 areas of Moscow Region was 21 fire on the area of 43,2 hectares is fixed. By October, 13th operated 12 fires, all of them are localised on the area of 10,8 hectares. Definitively to liquidate all centres of ignition it was possible only by the end of October.

Fires Moscow suburbs on October, 13th, 2005 (479 K)

on October, 13th, 2005

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