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NTs OMZ Activities. / November 18, 2008 /

Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTs OMZ) carries out acquisition, recording, processing, archiving, cataloging, and dissemination of space data from domestic and foreign remote sensing spacecraft.
NTs OMZ is offering remote sensing data of different spatial resolution from Russian spacecraft — RESURS-DK, MONITOR-E, METEOR-3M №1, METEOR-M, ELEKTRO-L, RESURS-O1, OKEAN-O, and from foreign spacecraft — QUICKBIRD, IKONOS, EROS, SPOT, IRS, LANDSAT, RADARSAT, TERRA (MODIS, ASTER radiometers), NOAA (AVHRR radiometer), ERS as well as services on data thematic processing and value-added product generation in accordance with consumer’s requirements.
The NTs OMZ’s principal activities take place within the framework of the Federal Russian Space Programme and under the agreements between ROSKOSMOS and the European Space Agency, Space Agencies of France, Germany, USA, Ukraine, and other countries.
The lines of the NTS OMZ’s activities are as follows:
  • Operation of space systems, satellite data acquisition, processing and delivering to consumers;
  • Generation and maintenance of space data archive and E-catalogue;
  • Development of monitoring techniques and monitoring of spacecraft instrument payload information characteristics and data quality;
  • In-flight tests of scientific and information measuring instrument packages on board operational Earth observing spacecraft;
  • Advancement and upgrade of ground facilities and technologies for space data receiving, processing, archiving, and distributing;
  • Development of scientific and applied projects including international ones, on the Earth’s resources study, ecological monitoring, the World Ocean research, and establishing regional and territorial information systems using space data.
In NTs OMZ there was established Center for Acquisition and Processing of Remote Sensing Data available at the international bands 8-8.4GHz (data rate up to 300 Mbps) and 1.67-1.71GHz.
NTs OMZ is the ROSKOSMOS’s ground segment responsible for acquisition, recording, processing, and dissemination of data from remote sensing systems. Recording and preprocessing facilities can be easily adapted for. Technical facilities and soft and hardware of the ground segment can be easily adapted for receiving and processing the data from any Russian and foreign spacecraft.

NTs OMZ is maintaining the Fund of Remote Sensing Data, fills orders for obtaining operational space data as well as for delivering archived in the Fund data of previously made imaging with resolution of up to 1m, including data from scientific and experimental equipment. Consumers may be supplied with data products of standard processing levels and thematically processed data.

The technologies for value-added processing of Earth remote sensing data implemented in NTs OMZ enable space monitoring of floods, fires, forests, vegetations and digital mapping of river flows, forest fires, land use, ice conditions, etc. The maps may comprise coordinate grid, hydrological object boundaries, administrative boundaries, road network, populated area names. Based on the archived very high resolution data may be generated ortho-transformed monochromatic images of terrain with resolution of from 1 to 10m, digital terrain models, geo information systems designed for municipal services, building, the environmental control and other socio-economic needs. Moreover, a variety of value-added maps of 1:10000 in scale and less may be constructed and refined by use of very high resolution data.
The NTS OMZ-developed heliogeophysical instrument systems (GGAK) have been installed on board METEOR-3M №1 spaceraft. At present GGAK systems are being designed for future hydrometeorological METEOR-M and ELEKTRO-L spacecraft.
The NTs OMZ is striving for enhancing data products use and quality based on remotely-sensed data to the benefit of various economy branches, the Earth research, and international collaboration.

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