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Tropical cyclone «MANASEN», Indian Ocean

Images by «Electro-L».

Typhoon «Bolaven» in the Pacific.

Images by «Meteor-M» №1.

Typhoon «Vicente» in the Pacific.

Images by «Electro-L».

Flooding in the Kuban. Krasnodar region

In connection with the disaster at Kuban the primary goal of the Russian Operator of remone sensing space systemsis to ensure that Russian Emergencies Ministry and the regional bodies of executive power of information with Russian satellites.

Flooding in the Kuban. Krymsk

New information from the satellite Resurs-DK.

Cloud seismotectonic indicators over Japan

As part of the monitoring and forecasting of earthquakes in Japan on April 7-8 was found the next series of cloud indicators of seismotectonic.

A powerful earthquake in Mexico

Earthquake with magnitude 7.4 occurred on 20 March in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

The threat of a possible earthquake in Japan was confirmed

In accordance with our warning about the possible seismic events March 14, 2012 in Japan was a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9.

Flooding in Australia

In December 2010, Australia experienced the strongest over the past half-century floods triggered by tropical rains.

Hurricane Daniel gain strength by leaps and bounds

Hurricane Daniel, wich was born in the low latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean is rapidly become stronger and moves in the direction of Bermuda. Update!.

Space monitoring of forest fires

Summer fires on the Australian continent occur regularly. Materials of space shooting with КА «Resurs-Dk1» have allowed to localise the centres of ignition and ashes of one of the largest in the history of Victoria’s staff of the fire which has begun on February, 7th, 2009..

Space monitoring of crisis areas of the mining industry.

Use of the data «Resource-dk» for the decision of problems of monitoring of dangerous objects of the mining industry on an example of supervision over a failure of potash mine to Berezniki the Perm edge..

Supervision of area of wreck of a cargo train in the Omsk region according to data from «Resurs-Dk1» satellite

«Resurs-Dk1» satellite data allow to trace operatively a situation at occurrence of emergency situations and to observe of change of a condition of objects, подвергшихся to destruction..

Estimation of consequences of earthquake on August, 2nd, 2007 on Sakhalin and monitoring of a recovery work according to КА «Resurs-Dk1».

NTS ОМЗ of federal Space Agency is spent shooting КА of «Resurs-Dk1» of area of accident in Kerch strait where as a result of a gale and sea excitement on November, 11-12th four vessels of this year have sunk and have received damages two tankers. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the sea has poured out about 1,3 thousand т black oil..

Estimation of consequences of earthquake on August, 2nd, 2007 on Sakhalin and monitoring of a recovery work according to «Resurs-Dk1»

Shooting materials allow to estimate on August, 6th, 2007 consequences for the most suffered from an event on August, 2nd, 2007 in a southern part of island Sakhalin of earthquake of the city of Nevelska..

Flooding monitoring in Zejsky area of the Amur region according to "Resurs-Dk1.

After the torrential rains which have passed in region and overflow of a water basin of Zejsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION dump of water which has led to partial flooding of settlements more low on a current of the river Zeya has begun..

Monitoring of fires in Moscow suburbs in October, 2005 according to MODIS & TERRA.

Atypically dry and warm weather in the autumn of 2005 promoted late occurrence of fires in peat bogs and peatery in Moscow Region and east adjacent regions..

Monitoring of the Volga-Akhtubinsk Bottomland Flooding in May-June 2004

Flooding of Volgo-Ahtubinskoj water meadow in May, 2004 dynamics Analysis, additional information..

Monitoring of fires in Western Siberia in May-June, 2004 according to MODIS from satellite TERRA.

Fires in Western Siberia in May, 2004. The Analysis of dynamics of distribution of fires, additional information..

Dynamics of fires around Kurgan


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