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Data Ordering. / September 5, 2008 /

Remote sensing data users have a good chance of acquiring the METEOR-M1 medium resolution data along with the RESURS-DK1 high resolution data.
The METEOR-M 1 spacecraft carries the KMSS multifunction spectral imagery complex with the following characteristics:
  • Number of spectral bands – 3;

  • Nominal spectral range – 0.535-0.575; 0.630-0.680; 0.760-0.900;

  • Swath width when 2 cameras run concurrently – 900km;

  • Resolution — about 60m, 100m

  • Revisit time – 4-5 times per week

The METEOR-M 1 data may be used for addressing a variety of tasks:

  • Operational monitoring of man-made and natural emergencies;

  • The Earth resources study;

  • Ecological monitoring of the atmospheric, water, and soil pollution;

  • Determination of forest, agricultural land, water body boundaries etc.

The METEOR-M 1 data have been used actively for fire monitoring and smoke assessing in Russia in summer of 2010 (see Section «News»)

Ordering of Operational and Archived Data from the Russian RESURS-DK1 and METEOR-M1 Spacecraft

To place an order for operational and archived data (imaging and data delivery as well as data from the NTs OMZ’ archive) one should fill in an application and send it to NTs OMZ by Fax: (495) 229-43-89 or E-mail:

Application for RESURS-DK1 and METEOR-M1 Data
(Application form in Microsoft Word format)


Space Data Archive Contents

Space Data from Russian Remote Sensing Spacecraft:

  • Operational
    • «RESURS-DK1»;
    • METEOR-M1

  • Out-of-service
    • RESURS-O1 (MSU-SK, MSU-E scanners);
    • KOMETA (KVR-1000 and TK-350 cameras);
    • METEOR-3M1 (MSU-E scanner, MTVZA, MIVZA, KGI-4S, MSGI-5EI, and SAGE-3 (US) scientific instruments;
    • YENISEI (1.5m resolution images);
    • MONITOR-E (PSA, RDSA equipment).

Space Data from Foreign Spacecraft:

  • TERRA (MODIS radiometer, ASTER);
  • NOAA (AVHRR radiometer);
  • ERS;
  • GeoEye1;
  • WorldView1;
  • WorldView2;
  • EROS;
  • SPOT;
  • IRS;

Order for data from the foreign spacecraft is placed at will with indicating of consumer’s contact data and then sent to email address или

Archived Data Selection

Information on availability of remote sensing data on any region/territory concerned by consumer can be found in the NTs OMZ E-catalog.
When selecting space data via Internet communication link, one should indicate the name of spacecraft/scanner, geographical position of concerned region (latitude and longitude of the upper left angle and the bottom right angle of an area), maximum percentage of cloudiness, and dates and times (period) of imaging on interactive page «E-Catalog» as well as confirm the request (retrieval). Upon data retrieving Consumer is provided with the list of scenes meeting the retrieval criteria as well as a possibility of reviewing scenes and metadata.
The Archive Service personal provides support in selecting and searching images, estimates to what extent a region concerned is covered with the scenes selected, and makes out an order.

Delivery Time of Data Products

СDelivery time of operational data products (in accordance with the results of ordered imaging) is from several hours to three days depending on current tasks and data processing thoroughness. The archived materials are delivered for 1-3 days depending on order size and production urgency. Space data are available in digital form, on standard optical and magnetic media: CD/DVD, portable hard disks, USB-Flash, DLT/SDLT.

Payment for Order

Payment is made for actually produced data products without cash transfer under the contract between NTs OMZ and Consumer or by the NTs OMZ’s invoice.
More information on data ordering and potential cooperation may be obtained at Marketing Department.
495) 229-43-89, 925-04-19, Victor N. Shumeiko

51 corp. 25 Dekabristov St., Moscow, 127490, Russia, NTs OMZ

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