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Forestry. / April 29, 2009 /

Remote sensing increases essentially the capabilities of forest monitoring through providing true data on changes in forest resources resulted from deforestation, tree losses from fires, pests, diseases and other negative natural and man’s impact.
Forest services make wide use of satellite low, medium and high resolution data including the TERRA, Landsat (ETM), SPOT, IRS, RESURS-O1, METEOR-3M, and MONITOR-E data imagery data as source data. At present there are increasingly used the data of very high resolution from the foreign IKONOS, Quick-Bird, ALOS spacecraft and from the Russian RESURS-DK1 spacecraft to study problems relevant to forest management.

At NTs OMZ the segment for automated processing of multispectral images is in successful operation to provide consumers with special-purpose thematic products derived from automated flow processing of multispectral images of the Earth from TERRA spacecraft. These products are essential to solving the following problems of forest monitoring:

  • Operational detecting, recording and control of areas having signs of forest fire pending;

  • Operational estimation of active fires parameters (fire-affected areas, fire evolvement trends, smoke content area and rate of territories adjacent to fire);

  • Assessment of forest fire damage (burnt area estimation);

  • Observation of vegetation condition and dynamics;

In 2009 after the launch of the Russian prospective METEOR-M spacecraft a system of flow data processing will be used for the KMSS data processing (of 60m and 120m medium resolution) including for forest monitoring.

RESURS-DK1 image of Irkutsk Region
Very high resolution data is used to control that felling size is suited to specified requirements and to control afforestation

RESURS-DK1 image of the Losinyi Ostrov National Park, Moscow. The woodland general condition

ВClearings in boreal coniferous forests of the Arkhangelsk Region

ERS-2/SAR image, Arkhangelsk Region
Clearings: overgrown clearing (contour1), fresh clearing (contour 2)

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