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MONITOR-E Spacecraft (removed from service). / January 21, 2008 /

Mission Objective
To acquire remote sensing data in the interests of environmental monitoring, emergency monitoring, natural resources research, cartography, and economical activity. The spacecraft is designed for operational Earth’s surface observation within the swath width of between 90km and 160km with the spatial resolution of between 8m and 20m. The target-oriented onboard equipment enables both the panchromatic and multi-band imaging of the earth’s surface, and a near real-time data transfer

Tasks to be Fulfilled:
The spacecraft as a component of the Integrated Satellite Natural Resource System is designed for:

  • Making of land resource cadastres;

  • Thematic mapping of territories;

  • Emergency monitoring;

  • Geological mapping and minerals exploration;

  • Reclamation and irrigation monitoring;

  • Ecological monitoring;

  • Forest, agricultural crops monitoring and yield prediction

Special features
MONITOR-E belongs to small satellite series. The MONITOR-E is a low-orbiting experimental spacecraft (index E) having a new multi-purpose space platform (UKP) and new earth surface imagers.
The MONITOR-E is capable of along-track imaging and route (strip) imaging as well as imaging in tracking by pitch mode with the possibility of activating PSA, RDSA or PSA and RDSA concurrently.
Main Characteristics

  • Launch date — 26 August 2005;

  • Spacecraft mass — 750kg;

  • Orbital parameters: H=550 km, i=97.5°(sun-synchronous orbit);

  • Image repeat possibility in latitude 60º per day (PSA/RDSA) – 6/4;

  • Panchromatic imaging of the earth’s surface with a 8 m spatial resolution within a swath width of no less than 90km (PSA);

  • Multi-band imaging of the earth’s surface with a 20-40m spatial resolution within a swath width of no less than 160km;

  • Active life — 5 years

  • Launcher — ROKOT with BRIZ-KM booster from PLESETSK Spaceport

  • Main Developer — Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center

Special-Purpose Equipment CharacteristicsOptoelectronic Package
Spectral range, µm0.51-0.850.54-0.59
Spatial resolution, m820/40
Swath width, km90160
Field of Regard (FOR), km780890
Data rate, Mbps122.8815.36 / 61.44

The NTs OMZ accepts applications for imaging and operational data acquisition from MONITOR-E spacecraft. The NTs OMZ offers all organizations and persons concerned the following:

  • Standard processing of satellite data with photometric and geometric correction, transformation of image into special-purpose cartographic projections, geometric distortion elimination.

  • Value-added processing of images and image-derived data product generation (satellite data-based topographic, special-purpose, and thematic maps of different scales). Development and implementation of technologies for value-added space data processing enable monitoring of land use, forestry, water surface, oil spillage, forest fires, floods, environmental and geological monitoring, etc.

  • Implementation of joint thematic projects using the MONITOR-E data

Monitoring of deforestations using MONITOR-E/PSA data

АMONITOR-E PSA image of Northern Dvina basin, Arkhangelsk Region, 26 April 2006, orbit 3664
Ice Conditions Monitoring using MONITOR-E PSA Data

MONITOR-E PSA image of Franz Josef Land (segment)
Detecting different age ice in year-old ice pack. Fast ice destruction. 7 April 2006, orbit 3378/3383
Monitoring of Industrial Objects using MONITOR-E PSA Data

MONITOR-E PSA image of heating plant nearby Jrarat City, Armenia, 6 December 2005, orbit 1534

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