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CORONAS-Photon »: High solar activity are continuing. / July 9, 2009 /

From 3 to 7 Jul., 2009 at the Sun There is an increasing solar activity, so the device «ПИНГВИН-M» (created MEPhI and FTI RAN) registered team of more than 20 solar flares in soft X-ray range. Of these outbreaks, there are 2 most
Large outbreaks during observation satellite «CORONAS-Photon», classes S1.0 and S2.7 for the classification of GOES, a device «TESIS» (established FIAN) made by X-ray photographs for the most powerful flash yet.

Further increase in solar activity well coincided with the beginning of the satellite orbits bestenevyh «CORONAS-Photon». The plane of the orbit spacecraft in the next two weeks will be rotated to the direction of the Sun at an angle of about 90 degrees. As a result of the unit with the rotation of the orbit does not go into the Earth’s shadow and can be continuous monitoring of our body.

Pribor «PINGUIN-M» are registering channels soft X-rays (starting with the energy 1.7 keV to 20 keV) and allows you to continuously carry out surveillance not only to the time of the intensity of the flow of the soft X-rays, but also to record his energy spectra, which is important to identify the mechanisms of its generation. As a result of the flight calibration sensitivity of the device to soft X-rays with a resolution of 1 second time
not inferior to A 1.0, but with a resolution of 10 s and more blatant — a much better level of A 1.0, which exceeds
sensitivity of the equipment, working at the U.S. satellite GOES. If according to the GOES, submitted on the official site, from 3 to 7 July, it was reported 32 outbreaks of the class of B1.0 to S2.7, the device «ПИНГВИН-M» were recorded
added more than 10 less powerful events that are not included in the message GOES.

Currently, the increased solar activity continues, in nearly every session, receiving data to identify new solar developments MEPhI professionals and FTI RAN continues to receive unique information processing.

The results of measurements carried out by the spacecraft instruments «CORONAS-Photon», presented at the Institute of Astrophysics MEPhI —

Press Service of the Institute of Astrophysics MEPhI

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