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Prediction of earthquake in Kamchatka was borne out. / July 7, 2008 /

Powerful earthquake has occurred to magnitude М7.7 at the western coast of Kamchatka on depth more than 600 km.

Since May, 2008 experts and experts of NTS ОМЗ together with experts of fund «ПЭТ» (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, director V.S.Bobrovsky) traced geophysical conditions in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone. Seismolook-ahead and monitoring experiments with use of unique nazemno-space system of monitoring are spent some. In the message of our site from June, 7th, 2008 the forecast across Kamchatka till July, 1st which has been prolonged on July, 4th till July, 14th with initial parametres was given. Start ЗМТ has occurred on a seismomagnetic meridian (in a power tube) 15.06.2008 from equatorial longitudes (-6 and # 61616;/174 and # 61616;) for 20 days. Cloudy seismoindicators were observed in a zone since June, 4th (the Appendix 2 from 07.06.2008 see) Also experts of fund «ПЭТ» gave potential magnitude М6.5 +. on July, 3rd have registered abnormal diffusion of protons on the installation (a Fig. 1)

Similar anomaly is registered under the geoelectric data at station Kakioka in Japan (a Fig. 2)

According to calculations by our technique could be on July, 6th and #61617 potential date of event; 2 days. Earthquake has occurred on July, 5th, 2008 In the zone interfaced on a magnetic meridian 30.06.2008г. Has occurred ЗМТ with М6.7 on islands Sandvichevyh. It is a sign of preparation ЗМТ in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone. Глубокофокусные ЗМТ in sea of Okhotsk can be harbingers of more powerful ЗМТ on Kamchatka. In messages on Far East experiment from 06.05.2008 this situation was discussed. In the same place it was specified in isoseismicity of Chandlerovsky trajectories of a pole in 2002 and 2008, in particular, on Ohotomorsky earthquakes. The question was asked: «As will be this time?». The affirmative answer was given by the nature. We will notice that according to our forecast from June, 7th, 2008 there were powerful ЗМТ in Japan 13.06.2008 with М6.9. Monitoring of the Kamchatka seismodangerous zone proceeds. Annex 1 (doc, 348.9 Kb)

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