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The new images of the Earth by «Electro-L» spacecraft 28/02/2011 at 10:00 MSK

The new images of Earth by the «Electro-L» spacecraft..

The first image by Electro-L spacecraft at 26.02.2011, 14.30

Obtained the first image of Earth by the «Electro-L» spacecraft.

The series of images by the Resurs-DK spacecraft has updated

Images by Resurs-DK spacecraft, received during the period from 11/07/2010 to 12/02/2011.

About Timing of the Event Linked with Inauguration of Roscosmos Geoportal on Dec. 21

The event hosted by Roscosmos’ Scientific Earth Monitoring Center, is to be attended by Roscosmos officials, as well as managers of Russian Space Systems company, NII TP and others.

Fire in Israel, Haifa. Images by «Meteor-M» № 1 spacecraft.


The Annual Meeting of VIII-th All-Russian conference «Present problems of remote sensing from space».

November 19, 2010 in NTs OMZ OAO Russian Space Systems was a meeting VIII-th All-Russian conference «Present problems of remote sensing from space.».

Conference «Present problems of remote sensing from space» in NTs OMZ.

November 19, 2010. NTs OMZ OAO Russian Space Systems will be visiting session of the VIII-th All-Russian conference «Present problems of remote sensing from space».

Forest fires continue to threaten human settlements and dachas in the Samara region

In the period from 18 to 20 September in the region, there were several large fires.

The situation with the smoke under Moscow and central Russia from August 6, 2010 on August 23, 2010

The current situation on the fires.

On the territory of several regions of the central part of Russia formed an extremely negative situation with forest fires

As a result, established abnormally hot, dry weather in late June — early July 2010 in several regions of central Russia formed a very negative situation with forest fires..

The peat fires in Moscow region

In continuation of a series of publications on the monitoring of fire-danger situation in the regions of Russia in the summer of 2010, caused by abnormally hot and dry weather, the open section on the peat fires in Moscow region..

Monitoring the volcanic eruption in Iceland (update)

Eruption Eyyafyatlayokudl the south of Iceland began on the night of April 14, 2010, approximately 22 hours..

An earthquake measuring 7.1 occurred in the province of Qinghai.

An earthquake measuring 7,1 occurred on April 14 at 7:49 am in the county of Yuyshu, Yuyshu Tibetan Prefecture, Qinghai Province, Northwest China..

In NTs OMZ met with representatives of the Federal Space Agency of federal executive authorities on the use of remote sensing data.

Meeting on the use of remote sensing data and performance characteristics of applications for satellite imagery in 2010-2011..

Research Centre for Earth Operative Monitoring international award «European standard».

From 23 to 27 March 2010 in Switzerland, an international forum "Russia — Switzerland: ENERGY EFFICIENCY. The organizers of the forum were the Russian Organization for Quality (ROQ), the Committee of Commerce and Industry of RF product quality, International Association of «European Standart» and Swiss-Russian Business Association (SRBA), with the support of the Russian diplomatic and trade missions in Switzerland, Permanent Mission in Russia United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, the Association of Chambers of Commerce "Switzerland — CIS.

Monitoring of ice conditions

NTs OMZ performs monitoring of ice conditions in the Arctic..

Monitoring the flood situation in Russia

NTs OMZ continues to monitor the flood situation in Russia..

NTs OMZ on the forum GEOFORM + ’2010

In the EcoCentre Sokolniki from 30.03.2010 till 02.04.2010 was the 7 th International Industrial Forum GeoForm+ ’2010.

The consequences of an earthquake in Chile.

NTs OMZ has got images of earthquake consequences in Chile.

From Antarctica broke huge iceberg the size of Luxembourg

NTs OMZ get an image of a drifting giant from Meteor-M № 1 spacecraft..

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