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Tropical cyclone «MANASEN», Indian Ocean

Images by «Electro-L».

On Powerful EQ Signs in Japan

A powerful earthquake (EQ) measured M7.3 occurred on 7 December 2012 off the East Coast of Honshu.

Typhoon «Bolaven» in the Pacific.

Images by «Meteor-M» №1.

Monitoring of fires. Krasnoyarsk Territory

Images by «Meteor-M» № 1 and «Resurs-DK» № 1..

Typhoon «Vicente» in the Pacific.

Images by «Electro-L».

Monitoring of fires. Tomsk Territory

Images by «Meteor-M» № 1 and «Resurs-DK» № 1..

Monitoring of fires. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area

Images by «Meteor-M» № 1.

Monitoring of fires. Khabarovsk Territory

Images by «Meteor-M» № 1 and «Resurs-DK» № 1.

Monitoring of fires. Yakutia

Images by «Meteor-M» № 1 and «Resurs-DK» № 1.

Flooding in the Kuban. Krasnodar region

In connection with the disaster at Kuban the primary goal of the Russian Operator of remone sensing space systemsis to ensure that Russian Emergencies Ministry and the regional bodies of executive power of information with Russian satellites.

Experimental Section of Seismic Monitoring

At present, a variety of techniques designed for detecting earthquake forerunners using remote sensing data has been developed and are under test by a number of departments of JSC Russian Space Systems..

Flooding in the Kuban. Krymsk

New information from the satellite Resurs-DK.

On earthquake at Northern Italy

Strong earthquakes resulted in victims, injured and damage occurred on May 20 at the North of Italy in the region of Ferrara.

Cloud seismotectonic indicators over Japan

As part of the monitoring and forecasting of earthquakes in Japan on April 7-8 was found the next series of cloud indicators of seismotectonic.

A powerful earthquake in Mexico

Earthquake with magnitude 7.4 occurred on 20 March in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

The threat of a possible earthquake in Japan was confirmed

In accordance with our warning about the possible seismic events March 14, 2012 in Japan was a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9.

Japan. A year after earthquake disaster

March 11, 2011 in Japan, there was a seismic disaster.

On Earthquakes in Japan

A series of strong earthquakes took place in Japan.

Geophysical situation in Japan

Analysis of geophysical situation (seismo-tectonic) in Japan still causes concern.

Earthquake in Okinawa: First Alarm Signal

Powerful earthquake occurred in coastal zone in Okinawa (Japan) on 8 November..

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