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On Powerful EQ Signs in Japan / December 20, 2012 /

A powerful earthquake (EQ) measured M7.3 occurred on 7 December 2012 off the East Coast of Honshu.

Experimental Section of Seismic Monitoring / July 12, 2012 /

At present, a variety of techniques designed for detecting earthquake forerunners using remote sensing data has been developed and are under test by a number of departments of JSC Russian Space Systems..

On earthquake at Northern Italy / May 28, 2012 /

Strong earthquakes resulted in victims, injured and damage occurred on May 20 at the North of Italy in the region of Ferrara.

Japan. A year after earthquake disaster / March 12, 2012 /

March 11, 2011 in Japan, there was a seismic disaster.

On Earthquakes in Japan / November 25, 2011 /

A series of strong earthquakes took place in Japan.

Geophysical situation in Japan / November 18, 2011 /

Analysis of geophysical situation (seismo-tectonic) in Japan still causes concern.

Earthquake in Okinawa: First Alarm Signal / November 9, 2011 /

Powerful earthquake occurred in coastal zone in Okinawa (Japan) on 8 November..

Geophysical Environment in Japan / November 7, 2011 /

The NTS OMZ experts in concert with the colleagues from the Center „Prognoz“ of the Tula State University, and from the «Kosmometeotektonika» School (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) carry out the daily monitoring and analysis of the geophysical environment in Japan.

On the Geophysical Environment in Japan / November 2, 2011 /

The analysis of the geophysical conditions in Japan shows that it is bottoming out.

The threat of a catastrophic earthquake in Japan is preserved. / October 21, 2011 /

Daily monitoring and analysis of predictors of earthquakes in seismic zones of Japan supports the conclusion about the possibility of earthquake.

On the geophysical environment in Japan / October 11, 2011 /

Ground-space monitoring of the signs of preparing a massive earthquake in Japan and analysis of the data are alarming in NTS OMZ experts and colleagues from the Centre «Prognoz» Tula State University..

Again the threat of a catastrophic earthquake in Japan? / October 5, 2011 /

In July 2011 Dr. sci.- math. Alexei Lyubushin registered in the Russian Expert Council forecast a catastrophic earthquake in the south of. Honshu.

Go to the earthquake in Turkey September 22, 2011 / September 22, 2011 /

An earthquake measuring 5.5 occurred on September 22 in Turkey.

A powerful earthquake in Kamchatka / July 26, 2011 /

July 26 in the coastal area of Kamchatka was a major earthquake..

A wave of earthquakes rode through Russia / July 19, 2011 /

Series of disturbing earthquakes occurred in Russia during last week..

Appreciable earthquake on the coast of Corsica. / July 11, 2011 /

On July 7 at the Western Mediterranean Sea, it was occurred the appreciable, earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3..

Results of the third phase of the experiment. / July 7, 2011 /

In June, held third stage of the experiment to assess the relation of seismic and geomagnetic activity..

Disturbing situation on Kamchatka / June 30, 2011 /

Space-ground monitoring of the seismic indicators in the Kuril-Kamchatkan (Okhotsk Sea) zone allowed to reveal the preparation of a strong earthquake..

Strong earthquake in Japan and the Aleutian Islands. / June 27, 2011 /

he final seismic event in the May-June experiment was a strong earthquake occurred on June 22 at the east of Honshu with a magnitude of 6.7..

May-June experiment results and conclusions. / June 23, 2011 /

Within 2 months of the experiment was conducted to test hypotheses on the relationship of seismic and geomagnetic activity..

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